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Today we honor Jonathan Jacoby, who served 3 years as Family Promise SJC Board President from 2020-2022.

Jonathan is a native of Stockton. He spent most of his adult life on the East Coast, but returned to live here after retirement. Social action has always been important to Jonathan and he wanted to do something meaningful for the community he grew up in. He was drawn to the concept of Family Promise because of its interfaith community approach to serving families experiencing homelessness. He knew that involving faith communities would bring large numbers of people together who care and want to help families in need.

Jonathan was one of a few key people from the very beginning who initiated the process of bringing Family Promise to San Joaquin County. He shared his passion by speaking to hundreds of local congregations —helping lay the groundwork to build a thriving Family Promise community. Many congregations can remember Jonathan describing a dream that would one day become reality.

From serving as President of the Board and running monthly meetings to helping set up for events and driving the family van, Jonathan is always willing to help. His example shows us that every volunteer role is important.

Jonathan shared, “Those without homes are not so different from me. A serious illness, loss of savings, an automobile accident; this can happen to anyone which could cause them in need of shelter…”

We are so grateful for all of Jonathan’s hard work and dedication. His legacy and impact can be felt by every family in our program.

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  • FamilyPromise SJC

Eddie, a dedicated member of Stockton Covenant Church, has turned into one of our most consistent volunteers over the last 6 months. He has truly found his calling in supporting Family Promise and helps families in our program by providing transportation.

Finding volunteers to drive our van is often the most difficult, but Eddie finds joy in the role. To date, Eddie has completed over 100 trips between our Day Center and host congregations. He shared that he enjoys waking up early, meeting new families, and watching their transformation as they move through our program.

As the humble human he is, he wanted to say thank you to Family Promise and everyone else that helps make it possible to support families in need.

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  • FamilyPromise SJC

From the very beginning of Family Promise SJC, Sheila has been a positive voice and supporter of our mission. A member of Shiloh Delta Valley Church, Sheila keeps her congregation up-to-date on all things FPSJC. Sheila brings an enthusiastic, warm presence to committees, events, and to every person who walks through our reception doors or calls us. We think she is the perfect volunteer to start our volunteer spotlight series. We are so lucky she chooses to share her energy and love with us.

When asked why she volunteers in the Family Promise Day Center, Sheila McDonald said, “Family Promise restores hope and provides help to families who are experiencing homeless. We want to let those families know that Family Promise SJC is here to support and empower them through our local community.”

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