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Meet Connie Edgecomb

Connie, the coordinator for Central United Methodist Church (CUMC), believes that “God calls us to serve one another every day.” She demonstrates that by organizing and making sure her church is ready to host families. She shares her love for Family Promise and each family that comes through our program with audacious hospitality. She treats all who interact with her as if they were her own family and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Connie goes above and beyond. In addition to her work as a coordinator, she has done so much more. During the Day Center’s renovations, she helped assure families in our program had clean laundry by setting up time for them to use CUMC’s laundry machines. She organized and set up CUMC’s Fellowship Hall for our recent Coordinator Clergy Meeting and she has committed to playing a pivotal role in Family Promise SJC’s Night Without a Bed which will be at CUMC on October 21. She even volunteered at First Presbyterian Church when they needed to fill an overnight volunteer slot! Connie’s passion and hard work helps Family Promise SJC thrive.

When asked why she is so passionate about Family Promise, Connie replied, “In one short week the families become part of our lives; we nurture them, we laugh with them, we play with the children, and we become part of their success when they find a home. At this time in my life, Family Promise is my calling. Thank you for allowing me to be part of an amazing program.”

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